About Orlando Machuca Jr

I am a salsa & bachata instructor, host and MC.

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Orlando is a talented human, dancer, teacher.. I first met him when he was teaching at the old Salsa Room . He has a bubbly personality and loves to make jokes but also explains concepts in a clear way while still being fun. He is positive and encouraging. Great vibe kind of guy. Since then, I have gone to venues mainly because he is teaching there; I look for where he goes. One of my favorite teachers! Salsa was never my favorite style, but Orlando made me love it!



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2nd time I had a chance to take a Class with Orlando Machuca Jr. I have to say, I am in love with his energy. If I have to describe it with one word it would PHENOMENAL!!! Over all, the positive vibes comes pouring out so naturally. A must add on your to do list. He breaks it down to a T. His classes are legit genuinely fun as well as zero intimidating.


Turned this stiff, no rhythm Gringo into a a much more confident and avid dancer. It’s no longer work to get me on the dance floor, made it so fun. Always looking to learn more from the master.